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How knowledge management can help you to make your company more efficient? Imagine you have 10 employees e each one has five folders. Everything your team produce is dropped in these 50 folders, no order. If one, tow or all need to recover a document, must spend too much time looking for. These hours could be invested in more productivity activities – a huge loss.

This explanation is very generic. However, it mentions three fundamental points of knowledge management: organization, sharing and saving. Knowledge management assumes there is an investment in intellectual capital – that is the highest value of any organization. When employees can listen and express themselves, they feel valued. I give you some tips to manage people in this post.

The research in knowledge management surrounds some themes, like performance improvement of organizations through favorable organizational conditions, localization, extraction, sharing and creation of knowledge, as well through information and communication tools and technologies.

There are some tools that can automate manual processes, giving teams more time to be creative and develop good ideas., task and people management software, offers storage service. You don’t need to keep a repository inside the company or an external network. You just attach files to tasks, so they are organized by client and project. You also can share these documents with people who are not in the system – customers and suppliers, for example, who are not registered in Runrun. it.

There are two ways to share:

1. Clicking on the icon next to the files, so an email is sent to recipients. 

knowledge management
Share documents

2. Using the “SharePage”: a public page – protected or not by a password – with all files of a task.

knowledge management

It is a convenient solution for companies that need to send multiple files to your customers, and for those which prioritize a holistic knowledge management. Test for free:

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