Inspiring quotes | Friedrich Schiller

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, better known as Friedrich Schiller, was a poet, philosopher and German historian. Schiller was one of the great men of letters of the eighteenth-century Germany, and along with Goethe, Wieland and Herder is representative of German Romanticism and the Weimar Classicism. His friendship with Goethe yielded a long exchange of letters who became famous in German literature. Although for the study of theology, he was forced by the Duke of Württemberg after a military career, even against their will. Managed to escape from law school and, transferring the school to Stuttgart, in 1775, he was studying medicine. This direct experience with the dictatorial attitude of the military and the philosopher Rousseau inspiration, together with the influence of the poets who made up the Sturm und Drang, incited his outrage at the oppressive state.

“Friends show me that which I can; foes teach me that which I should.”

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