Inspiring quotes – Merry Christmas!

The origin of gifting at Christmas arose because of the three wise men, Baltazar, Belchior and Gaspar, who have gifted the baby Jesus with gold, myrrh and frankincense. Gold symbolized royalty, since Jesus was searched as the “King of the Jews”. Myrrh oil should cleanse the body of Jesus and protect him from disease. And the incense was lit to bless the prayers, according to the tradition. In addition to this reason, there is also the story of a bishop named Nicholas who lived in the 4th century and brought gifts for children of needy families and threw bags of coins down the chimneys of their homes. Today, we not only expect to receive gifts, we exchange gifts instead. What gesture of kindness you have to make the other’s life easier to live?


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Inspiring quotes - Merry Christmas!


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