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Inspiring quotes | Ruth Gordon

Ruth Gordon was an American actress. He began his career on Broadway in the 1920s with only nineteen, and besides actress stood out as a writer, having been nominated for best screenplay Oscar in 1952 for “The Absolute Woman” and in 1959 for “Adam’s Rib” . His career as an actress came to prominence in the 1960s, when he made “Rosemary’s Baby” by Roman Polanski as Minnie witch. It was with this work she won the Oscar for best actress (supporting / secondary) and also the Golden Globe. Four more times was nominated for the Oscar for best actress and twice for a Golden Globe. He died at his summer home in Massachusetts, 88 years old. And in November 1984, a small theater in Massachusetts and an outdoor amphitheater in Quincy neighborhood where born, also in Massachusetts, were named in his honor.

“Courage is like a muscle. It gets stronger as we use it”

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