Leadership, 5 lessons from the Royal Navy

When one of the most efficient organizations in the world, the Royal Navy, speaks on leadership, it’s worth watching. After performing the deepest study ever conducted on how this organization is run, Andrew St. George emerged with the synthesis of practices that have been rigorously tested and measured over thousands of hours and in different situations. And finally, formally recommended to officers for an unquestionable reason: they work. And they also surprise for its simplicity and humanity.

To achieve success in any endeavor, we must have:

1) Clarity of purpose

2) A strategy

3) The resources

4) A contingency plan, and

5) Emotional Investment

The author also emphasizes the importance of Cheerfulness in the commander. The mood of the crew is the mood of its commander, and no one follows a pessimist. Try to imagine the impact of that in the small crew of a submarine. Does it apply to your own team?

To learn more: “Royal Navy Way of Leadership” is a book by Andrew St. Georges (Preface Publishing, 160 pages), available at Amazon.com


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