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Leadership and Motivation: 8 trends for 2015

When you make the decision to become a reference in leadership and motivation for your team, it takes you to know what people expect from their leaders and the company they work for. Thinking about it, I tried one of the most effective ways to guide you: putting you in touch with 8 trends on business and workplace, identified by reliable studies and published in two recent articles by Forbes:


1) + Transparency

A recent study found that 52% of Generations Y and Z believe honesty is the most important trait to be a good leader. Social networks play a fundamental role in the emergence of this trend, because pressure companies to be more opening and encourage leaders to share their knowledge. People prefer to work with leaders who communicate the projects the company is working on, what the plans are and also provide honest feedback regularly.


2) + Sharing

To become attractive in leadership and motivation, companies will increasingly invest in sharing content to show their work culture and encourage employees to share them. A company that uses social networks makes 58% of people want to work there, and more than 20% wish to stay. The reason is that being on social networks gives the impression that the company is a living organism, real and constantly evolving.


3) + Women leaders

As more “Millennials” (those born between 1980’s and 1990’s) take leadership positions, the salary gap between men and women starts to decrease. A study by the Pew Research shows that Millennial women now earn 93 cents for every $ 1 earned by men. Another study also shows that 37% leaders of the greatest financially successful companies are women.


4) + Engagement programs

87% of workers in the world do not feel engaged in their work. To reverse this, LT Business Dynamics, an accounting firm, created a sabbatical program: three free weeks financed for its employees “to make a difference in the world and in their lives and become better people.” After all, the company realized “if you hired great people, it makes sense to invest in them to keep them.” The result of this engagement culture is a talents retention and the pull of new ones.


5) + Interaction between teams

The best companies will recognize that leadership and motivation improves when each employee may contribute to the growth of the organization by sharing the valuable experiences of their daily lives. With interdisciplinary workshops, the whole company may have a different perspective, closer to reality, on the other departments, from sales, marketing, and customer experience to human resources and administration.


6) + Generation Z

Those born between 1994 and 2010 – the Generation Z – shall be even more relevant for companies that recruit interns in 2015. More companies have been recruiting students and a study earlier this year found that half of employers either accept applications from students or have plans to accept it this year.


7) + Job-hop

Business will have to deal with employee retention problems, since they did not give up finding their dream job. According to Fortune, 86% of employees are already looking for work outside their current jobs. Thanks to technology, people easily find new jobs and recruiters can steal talents of each other’s companies. To stem the losses, companies must create a work culture where employees make friends at work, feel more responsible and recognized.


8) + Freelancers

Companies have been hiring more temporary workers and consultants because it is more financially advantageous, since they do not receive benefits. A recent study by Elance o-Desk shows that 53 million Americans are freelancers, corresponding to 34% of the country’s workforce. Furthermore, the technology makes it easier to find a freelance to 69% of them.


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