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Leading teams in 3 lessons

Finally, the expected day has come: you have been promoted and are going to lead a team! Everything you have always dreamed, but what do you know about leading teams? Leadership is something natural for some people, although can be learned by other. If you are a little confused about leading teams, we give you 3 great advices. Keep calm and go on!

1. Trust

Trustworthy is one of the most important qualities from leaders. They are consistent in their word and go out of their way to maintain trust with subordinates. So, keep your promises, what includes salary increase, improve working conditions and job security. Being resilient does not mean inconstant.

2. Collaboration

What is a team without the commitment of a leader? A group with no purpose. Leaders demonstrate commitment to team success by delivering results despite external pressures. They also upgrade their team and make each employee see their vision for the organization.

3. Accountability

We need to talk about accountability when we talk about leading teams. A leader shares responsibility for effective group dynamics, trust building and conflict resolution. Leaders springs positive energy and instill a productive attitude, what motivates and engages the employees.

If you want the respect of your team, you need to be transparent. One of the best strategies is to introduce collaborative systems at work environment. So, the decisions will be recorder, and the priorities will be clear. Use Runrun.it and get more time to do what really matters. Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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