Learn how to make right decisions

Making a decision can be extremely hard. Each situation presents many variables, and it is difficult to establish a way to do things before they happen. Despite all the difficulties, Small Business Trends have some tips that will ease the decision making process.

1) Perceived Rather Than Actual Complexity

Sometimes what looks complex is actually a lack of clarity. There are four important things to focus on: how many customers you have; how often they buy from you; how much you make each time they buy; what do you do to combine those three things.

2) Create Your Could Versus Must Chart

Is easier to make a decision when you set your real priorities. When you define it, you’ll see what are the tinhgs in wich you might focus.

3) Make it simple

You don’t need to think about creating a new product or service every week. Sometimes, the best option lies in a simple action.

Runrun.it is a tool created with the purpose of helping people to achieve their true potential, working on what really makes difference in the development of a company. By organizing and prioritizing tasks, it is easier to identify what is most important, what turns the process into a natural thing.

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