Make it like Nike, Starbucks and Coca-Cola: engage customers in a higher purpose

Thinking about companies like Nike, Starbucks and Coca-Cola, is natural to associate them with market leadership. According to the designer of social business strategies, Mark Bonchek, a great part of that success occurs by a common strategy of those corporations: the shared purpose.

In his article, available at the website Harvard Business Review, Bonchek elucidates to the importance of making consumers feel really connected with the brand, being part of the same development as determining factor toward achieving greater success in their claims.

Thanks to the great social connection existing nowadays, the users became more interested in companies that bring a concept to do with the customer, rather than to do for them, making them feel like an important part of building the brand, and its purposes and ideals.

Bonchek indicates three key questions that a leader should answer to build the company purpose, in order to succeed in this mission.

1) In what purpose the company and its customers can work together?

2) Which purpose does represent the company and its ideals?

3) What connects the way a company makes money, with the way that it contributes to the world?

It is important to remember, though, that the creation of shared purpose must be made from what already is a company, not what it should, or could be, so therefore, has the necessary credibility among consumers.

At, we believe in shared production not only between customers and company, but between the different departments. Considering that, the software has been created to organize the distribution of tasks, so that people can reach their full professional potential, working on what really matters to the company.

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The original report is available here: hbr_purpose_leadership


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