Project management: online vs. face to face

The cycle of change that technology brings still shows no signs of reaching its end. By the way, it has barely begun. The replacement of classroom management for online management represents a change that is also here to stay. After all, great managers do not cling to traditions. It’s all about balance between the forms of management. Combining collaboration tools, you enhance good interaction between your employees regardless if they are in the same office or not. Check out the benefits that online management can bring to your team:

1. Speaking the same language

By encouraging all members of your team to get out and experience new forms of management you will see your employees from different departments, speaking the same language and bringing better results.

2. Autonomy

One of the greatest needs for modern professionals is feeling that he’s independent and does not need to be watched over to deliver their job. The online management proves that you as a manager, trust in your employees, after all, you send the message that is up to them to use their time productively. You are investing in them and in return you can expect a faster and more productive response.

3. Spending Measurements

Imagine if you could know how much the projects costed and how much effort they’ve demanded until now, track their progress in real time, know their estimated due date, with just a few clicks. So you have more time to take care of new strategies and better manage your budget.

4. No geographical barriers

Sending employees out of the office could cost (a lot) money. With online management, sharing files and comments is very simple and even though their customers are on the other side of the world, contacting them is instantaneous.

5. A powerful planning tool

You are sending out a clear message to your employees that you trust them towards using this time productively and getting as much out of it as possible. You are investing in them and in return you should expect a return on that investment… Leaders, you know not to underestimate the value of face to face conversations both with employees and with clients. However, with an online management tool you can check which task every employee is working on and even their estimated date of delivery without leaving your desk or stopping anyone’s work.

You don’t need to go out looking for the best online manager, meet With all the features you just saw, is used by more than 100,000 companies in over 100 countries worldwide. Try it for free:


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