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Management software: the best practices

If you admire a successful business (hopefully yours) undoubtedly is because of your interest in innovation. And if there’s a truth about innovative companies, it’s this: someone had courage to take a bold decision to solve the problems of a period. Since 1940, we live the 3rd Industrial Revolution, where technology automatizes the industries production. Since then, the organizations’ dream hasn’t changed. They still look for a manager who understands that not only the market waits for creative solutions, but the companies are the first organism to be reinvented. Only the human labor will bring real and collective progress. So, if you allow me some advice, keep reading to see why adopting a management software would be the first step for a leader of our time to innovate completely any workflow:

+ Organization for the manager

a) You know well how a good planning is hard to get and that it should be respected if the project is a big one. Therefore, it’s necessary that you know exactly to whom you may delegate tasks, as well your employees should know of whom they may receive tasks.

b) Presentations, references, decisions and changes in the briefing must be registered in a dossier of the project. If a new responsible for the project comes up, he/she will be able to put the project back on track as soon as possible.

c) Projects tend to delay when they aren’t monitored. However, with a spreadsheet of hours spent with each client on each task and project at hand, you just add the external costs and it’ll be easy to calculate the actual cost of implementing the project and checking the profitability of each project and client. That’s how you’ll make high impact decisions to improve the results.

d) It’s always an advantage getting reports to track the status of each task, how long your staff spent on each project, which tasks demanded more time, which resources were used more or when each employee of your team will be free to receive a new demand. This information will help you make sound decisions – and detect bottlenecks or unforeseen demands in the project.


+ Engagement for the team

a) Knowing what to do first: this is the huge dilemma of most professionals – especially those who aren’t guided by a management software. As we always see here on the blog, prioritizing is the key. But what to do when a team requests services to another team within the company? If these requests are made in an unstructured way, various “bosses” arise. Therefore, the healthiest is when there’s a hierarchy of who can delegate tasks and to whom. With an automated system, there’s much more control.

b) Teams with high level of technical knowledge but poor dialogue are unmotivated. What if they are caught off guard and have to perform emergency tasks? So, when an email or a call comes to change the scope of the project -which should be delivered in a few days – there’s no time to bureaucratize. The dialogue should be preserved, as well as new decisions, not to disorient the team. If you have a repository where you put it all, it becomes pretty much easier.

c) Employees must be able to witness their contributions, positive or negative, to the composition of the final result. The project will only be a success if each team member recognize his/her own success. So, company leaders can create a performance review and adopt a system that rates each user. The criteria can be: number of delivered tasks, if delivered in or out the estimated time, if the tasks were reopen etc. You can also reward the most efficient employees and at the same time encourage the productivity of others.


+ Productivity for the organization

a) Less stress and more credibility. Every great company undergoes frequent audits. Having a management software that organizes internal workflow can not only improve the results evaluation but also ensuring quality indices, such as ISO 9000.

b) If everything – customers, projects and all information linked to them – are within an online management system, the animosity chance is lower. An environment can also provide profitability where wellness and kindness guide the work.


If you are here, it’s because your thirst for innovation is admirable. Welcome to, a management software of great impact. Try it for free:


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