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Management software to not mess up your routine

You must be counting days for Mardi Gras, but you know that your team is doing the same, right? So, not to let the people miss a beat, and its productivity, I suggest you to start being more interested in some team management technological facilities, like a management software. Test before paying. You’ll see that no matter how messy the time of year is, the tool will be your right arm always, and will automate many bureaucratic tasks. And Mardi Gras may be the excuse you needed to start using it. I give you three reasons for this:


1. Make sure people know their priorities

Your employees probably have already scheduled trips and have all planned for Mardi Gras. Similarly, the organization of work, although necessary, is not always treated with the same commitment. Guide your team to do a planning of everything that should be completed this week and by the end of the month. It’s the role of the manager tracking the status of projects and making sure that the holiday days may be compensated with the early delivery of some tasks. If so, your next step is to talk to the team leaders to review their schedules and guide their teams as soon as possible. What is urgent? What is important and can be streamlined? It’s also valuable to know what is not a priority at the moment, but should still be scheduled, and what can be discarded, not to waste people’s time – which is already scarce.


2. Better manage staff time

Not to mess up your working days, no matter how many holidays come, it’s extremely important not to leave each one responsible to manage his time. As I posted here, a global McKinsey study recommends that companies’ boards take some initiatives, among them, making estimates of effort for each type of task and filtering meetings to understand which were productive and led to decision making, and which ones were to share information and could have been avoided. Another warning I can give you is: by fully relying on timesheets to measure how much time your staff spends on projects, you may be losing (very much) money. A study shows that the US economy today loses $ 7.4 billion per day, an injury caused by all hours dealing with emails from customers that are not credited in timesheets and, therefore, not charged. A management software does this time measurement automatically.


3. Know the real profitability of the projects

Finally, to ensure that any project be profitable, you need to take control of the worked hours, in order to charge your customers correctly. In addition, you must appreciate that there are no bottlenecks in the workflow and no professional is overwhelmed. This week, all you want to avoid is to harm the quality of work and team motivation. You have to boost your moral, instead. By the way, you can return the great achievements of the best performing employees. With the reports you have access to today, is it possible to know it? Keeping your team on track under good conditions is a litmus test, but you still have a trump that will give you more chances of success.


This trump is a management software, such as It helps in each of these strategic tasks above and therefore is able to increase staff productivity by up to 25%. Try it for free and have a nice day:


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