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Management tools: 4 apps to organize your life that you didn’t know

Disorganization is a plague against productivity. When you have a lot of appointments, tasks, ideas and thoughts, it’s hard to respect the priorities. For that reason, here are some apps that can help you in your personal organization. This list includes task management tools, financial managers and personalized calendars. As a bonus, we suggest this one, which converts your PDF files to Excel. Check out the list and don’t let your life mess up!

1. Monday Calendar

It’s an app that helps manage appointments and tasks. To use it, you only need to sign up with your Facebook or Google Calendar and then, your appointments, contacts and birthdays will be automatically sync. You can also add new tasks and events, and set an estimated time for its delivery. Monday Calendar combines a traditional calendar with a list of tasks and appointments, so you can plan your life more easily.


2. Yupee

It works as a financial manager. You only need to create a prepaid account to make payments, transfers and generate slips. The app also has features to manage your money, such as the “Financial Calendar” in which you can register expenses and receivables. Users of web version can even use the “YupBox” which works like a Dropbox for financial documents.


3. OptimizeMe 

The apps seeks to improve the user’s well-being, by analyzing his daily activities. OptimizeMe needs to know everything you do in your day in four categories: health, creativity, routine and pleasure. However, you need to register some important information such as: how many glasses of water you took, how’s your health, what level of stress, your weight etc.
When the app has enough data (12 days in all categories), it displays graphs and tables relating your activities to your well-being. You can isolate a certain activity to see how it affects your stress, health and well-being in general.

4. Unmark 

It allows you to categorize your actions with markers, by separating them with tasks such as: “do”, “read”, “watch”, “buy” and “listen” reminders. Once saved, the links are on a timeline: today, yesterday, last week, last month and even last year. With the app, you can make sure if you actually check the links you saved or if you only make a pile of them.



A management tool to improve the workflow and productivity of your team. Make priorities clear and facilitate the data sharing, besides reducing the number of e-mails and follow-up meetings. Runrun.it also generates automatic time and cost reports. Try it for free: http://runrun.it



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