Manager tools

Manager tools: A guide to the best ones

Electricity, phone, computer, internet… Without this technology, you probably couldn’t work today. So it’s not surprising that technology is also able to make a company more profitable. Thinking about it, we have compiled here the 11 best manager tools, able to make your business take off. See if you already use any of them and discover which ones you can start using today to make your life easier:

Lead management

1. Hubspot
It automates lead nutrition rules, facilitates the distribution of ebooks and whitepapers through landing pages with forms and help you improve the SEO of your publications.
– from $200 for 100 contacts

Customer management

2. Zendesk
Customer service platform that uses multiple channels (online chat, email and social networks) to keep an attentive contact with those who make your business grow.
– $59 per agent/month

3. Survey Monkey
Here you can send surveys and listen to your customers in order to offer a product or service better.
– Free up to 100 responses per survey

4. Mail Chimp
To send news in a professional newsletter to your leads and customers. You can also create A/B tests.
– Free up to 2,000 subscribers

Team management

It informs managers in real-time which task each one is working on, the project costs and the estimated delivery date. replaces the email between employees, the follow-up meetings and the timesheet. In addition, it recognizes professionals for their performance and interaction on the platform.
– Free trial

Sales management

6. Pipedrive
Loved by Silicon Valley startups, it manages your sales pipeline and has a simple and intuitive interface.
– $9 per user/month

7. Salesforce
The first cloud-based solution for sales management, today has more than 100,000 business customers.
– $25 for 5 users/month

8. Sidekick by Hubspot
It warns whenever someone opens an email you sent. Ideal for connecting to the customer at the time he’s reading your proposal.
– Free up to 200 notifications/month

Online marketing

9. SEM Rush
To discover which keywords your competitors are buying and to build a good Adwords plan.
– $149.95 / month

10. Quick Sprout
It evaluates if your site is performing well in search, suggests corrections and even compares it with three competitors to improve your organic traffic.
– Price on request

11. RelateIq
It reads unstructured information in your emails and interactions on social networks.
– $49 per user/month

Other useful tools

A Gmail plug-in that shows the contact profile with access to his social networks. So, it’s easier to understand with whom you are speaking.
– Free

Another Gmail plug-in, to schedule the sending of emails.
– Free

It warns whenever some contact of your LinkedIn, Facebook or Gmail is in the media, giving you a reason to start a conversation.
– Free

To make the famous A/B test in campaigns or to find out which are the best layouts/texts for the company’s website home.
– Free up to 3 employees

It analyzes user behavior on your site, with heat maps that show which areas and links your public invests more time and clicks more.
– $49/month

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