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Manager tools: The great help for introvert professionals

The night before a conference where Dorie Clark was scheduled to speak, she found herself in a crowded bar in south of Greenwich Village. The organizers had arranged a VIP reception, and — having just moved to New York — she figured she should attend. Dorie always hated socializing in noisy environments where you have to scream to be heard and had good conversations with four interesting people whom she’ll probably keep in touch with. When she walked out the door an hour later, Dorie was thrilled with the revelation: I’ll never do that again. Too late. Having attended to that conference led her to realize that networking is downright enjoyable when you match it to your strengths and interests. If, like Dorie, you are an introvert professional, you’ll love to know how manager tools can make help you increase your performance at work.


1. Control your own time

If there’s an attitude that bothers a lot the introvert professionals – not to say all of us – it’s when the boss decides to supervise their work, rather than trusting in them. This kind of attitude could even make sense formerly, when the only way for managers to know the status of projects was calling a meeting or interrupting from desk to desk. That is over. Nowadays, with manager tools, everyone knows how much time has spent in each activity and can compare it with the estimated effort for that type of task. More than measuring the time passed, manage tools allows setting flexible working hours and pause the timing at the lunch and at the end of the day. Just to avoid mistakes and increase the credibility of professionals in relation to their ability to control their own time.


2. Organize your day

Introspective people often solve their own problems by using self-criticism and preparing themselves in advance to do their work. Therefore, what they need most is manager tools where they can organize their tasks list in order of priority, schedule next tasks and create alerts for those that repeat over time. Furthermore, introverts prefer a work environment where they can focus on a problem or project. Having their planned routine, therefore, is the first step to feel good to start the day.


3. Connect virtually with others

E-mail is no longer the ideal tool to connect a team – introverts will love it. No deadline resists with several e-mails coming haphazardly for the same demand. Within manager tools, e-mails become comments of the task. In the same place, the followers can share files with the task responsible. So, introverts can invest all their attention to detail. Another advantage of using a management software is decrease the number of meetings, now replaced by real-time activity reports. Thus, the most timid won’t need to hear that they don’t participate, when they may be among the most competent in the team.


4. Know when you’re at your best

A great gift: to know how productive you are. Manager tools, such as, inform your professional productivity index in the last days, based on delivered tasks, completed on time, reopened, etc. There’s recognition with medals, so extroverts and introverts, everyone can prove their hard work. Now, not only the most expansive will be seen as a model.


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