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Managing Stress to Increase Productivity

Stress is different depending on the person it affects. Some people get awake, electric, and others don’t get up from bed, very tired. This condition can cause irritability, depression and dysfunction of the gut (check more symptoms here). And such physical and psychological symptoms tend to reduce work performance. We search for effective managing stress actions to increase your productivity and maintain life balance.

1. 5Rs

Richard Blonna, Ed.D, a nationally certified coach and counselor and author of Stress Less, Live More: How Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Can Help You Live a Busy Yet Balanced Life teachs “5 Ways for Better Coping with Stress”: Reorganize your health (at least 30 minutes of cardio four to five times a week to start), Rethink the reasons that make you stressed, Relax and Release muscle tension.

2. Eating well

Eating fresh foods, avoid consuming fats, bad carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine are a general recommendation to stay healthy. Some foods also help to combat stress: they are rich in vitamins B3 and B6, magnesium and omega-6 (squash, carrots, tofu, mushroom, cabbage, peanuts, turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon, Brazil nuts, soybean, banana, mango, kiwi, blackberry, strawberry, orange). Complex carbohydrates (whole-grain pasta and cereals) are also indicated because they helpto increase the level of serotonin (a substance linked to the welfare).

3. Change the decor

Environmental elements can both worsen the stress or fight it – and decor is one of them. Your home and your office must reflect the balance you want for you. However, don’t stress to clean the mess: this activities should relax you – ask for help from friends and family.The cleaner, more relaxing.

4. Meditate – or breathe

Lay or sit in a comfortable position. Turn on music that does not have lyrics. Close your eyes and begin to take deep breaths through your nose and out your nose. Count during each breath. Inhale for a five-count. Hold your breath for a five-count. Then exhale for a five-count. Continue that pattern for five minutes.

5. Use tools to organize yourself

The tools can be effectives managing stress friends: they give you the “big picture” view of your work and life. In addition, you can delegate tasks and invest your time on the things that really matter. is an online taks management software that betters workflow and increases team’s productivity. Test it for free:

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