March’s 2013 uptime.

Hello everybody,

this is a more technical post, so it is not listed on the frontpage of the blog.

Our attitude on is to be 100% transparent with our users and customers. Thus, we will post here technical issues that prevented somehow perfect functionality of our application.

In March 2013, we had uptime of 99.27%. This means that during the entire period of March, we were offline 0.73% of the time. For information purposes, we have an internal goal for this semester of 99.7% uptime and we’re making constant adjustments to get to it. We will, in the near future, increase the target until 99.9% and  probably offer an SLA that guarantees discounts, if not beat. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

About this month, what were the factors that prevented us have 100% availability?

  • Only our fault. Usually problems of unavailability in RR  occur because on Amazon AWS failures, where our servers are hosted. But this month were just bugs in our code that made the software becomes unavailable. It was aa error in the part that takes care of the users’ work schedules. All errors have been identified and treated.

Any questions or suggestions, please send an email to help @

Thank you.


RR uptime march 2013


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