@mention your colleagues in the comments on Runrun.it

You can mention colleagues and tasks in the task comments on Runrun.it! Just like on social media. It will speed up your communication and the content will be sent just for whom it matters.

To mention someone, type [ at ] simbol @ and the name of the colleague you want to talk to. The system will show you some options of users.  The user you’ve choosen will receive an email with a notification, even if he/she is not allowed to see the task. In this case, they can answer your message replying to the email.


You can also mention tasks using the hashtag # plus the number of the task. Likewise, the system will show a list of tasks for you to choose from. When the comment is posted, you can access the tasklist of the user you’ve mentioned, or the task, clicking on the blue link.

Easy, hm?

Don’t you know Runrun.it? Test it for free: http://runrun.it


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