Motivation at Work: A Guide to start the day off right

An excellent expedient begins long before you leave your home. Reject the “snooze” cell, waking willing and plan your day are fundamental attitudes to arrive well to the desktop. It may seem insignificant, but the way you start a new day can set the tone for everything else. Just an irritation here because of the traffic and a mistake there to define the priorities for the next few hours are affected.

But you can take some steps early in the day to ensure the balance and motivation at work until the final minute. Check unbeatable seven tips to start the day on the right foot!

1. Set your bad mood

Pay attention to your state of mind and be aware of your effect on others. So if you are not a “being the morning,” try to get over it and have a positive attitude when you get to the office. Take a second or third cup of coffee to wake up for the day and forget the bad mood. The first hour of work may define its “attitude thermometer ‘for the rest of the day. A bad morning mood can infect the entire team and put all the wrong way.

2. Prioritize the first meal of the day

The list of key tasks to do before you leave home (or on the way to work) is the breakfast. Skip this meal can adversely affect your mood, concentration and productivity. That’s because you will possibly work with hypoglycemia. Thus, their cognitive functions will be impaired. And we know, in hunger causes irritation, stomach pain and a feeling of malaise that can harm us even before initiating the shift.

3. Arrive on time (or before)

It may seem obvious, but many people forget this basic premise for the job. Delay generates an unfavorable psychological condition, you end up focusing on not linked to career issues because you’re worried about is justified. Even knowing that things happen (is the traffic that balks, the bus does not pass or the car will not start), it is essential to anticipate each. As? Plan to arrive 15 minutes before, then you will not need to justify anything. This will bring you more motivation at work.

4. Hydrate yourself

While the computer is turned on, for example, take the time to fill a water bottle. Dehydration decreases the capacity for work, affects reasoning, critical and memory. The ideal is to always have a bottle or cup hand to go hydrating throughout the day.

5. Plan a break in the morning

Can be a cup of coffee or a call out there, but take a short break mid-morning you will provide a new perspective on the current problem. Call your co-worker and take the time to exchange a few ideas informally. This is the time to assess your tasks, check what remains to be done, and revitalize themselves.

6. Take the time when you’re more focused

Most importantly, do not take too long to “get started” in fact the record. Many people come to work, but it takes a while to start working for real. Rather than have to focus on action, there are those who waste time updating status on social networks or hitting a long chat in the coffee. As a result, they lose the period have more focus. After 10 am, for example, everyone is here and chances are higher to disperse.

7. Make a list of tasks

It’s time to plan your day. Before the action, the first step is organization. To do this, start by listing what was pending from the previous day. Then elenque urgent and important activities, and so on. And you can replace the clutter from your list of tasks for a project management tool online as, organizing their priorities and estimated delivery time for each task. It is the online tool management teams used by more than 150,000 companies from 130 countries. Get started now:

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