New advanced filters in the Projects view of

The new feature for* Corporate Plan users will help in decision-making for managers of all types. They are especially important for those who have many projects registered in their accounts.

This new function optimizes the visualization of the information according to its urgencies and demands, simplifying the way in which the users have access to the data within the system. This, in little time, creates a new dynamic of work – a new culture of having information at hand.

“Which projects should I spend the most of my team’s time on this week?”, “Which ones should I take corrective actions on?”, “Which team members are demanding more time on projects?”, “Which projects are costing more than I expected? ” Should be frequently asked questions by you.

We call the advanced filters, “manager know-how” because they offer assertive ways to visualize project progress. For example: if your need is to understand projects that are breaking the budget, or those that are close to deadline, the easiest way to see this is by using these filters. Before, it was necessary to go into each project to do this type of analysis.

To maximize its use, you must create conditions – as many as you see fit. It is important to say that filters can be saved – so you don’t have to configure them every time you need to access some strategic data quickly.

Each condition must be met in 3 instances:

Column: Name, Client, Project Group, Project Subgroup, Creation Date, Delivery, Delay, Deadline, Hours invested, Remaining hours, Total hours, Progress (hours)%, Tasks Delivered, Queue Tasks, Total Tasks, Progress ($), Total Cost ($), Budget Status, Activity in the last 7 days and Allocated Person (s)

Operator: yes / no, is / is not, contains / does not contain, more than / less than / equal to

Value: name, date, number, hours, $


* This feature is available only for the Corporate Plan accounts.


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