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Managing projects, leading and delivering good results

Women have fared better than men in the four critical attributes of leadership: 1) leading by example, 2) transparent communication, 3) admitting mistakes and 4) bringing out the best in others. This is what says the Ketchum Communications Leadership Monitor (KLCM), a study with 6,509 respondents in 13 countries on five continents. And what this “female identity” leadership means to all of us who manage a company? Take care of the communication or fade away. Regardless of you are the company’s leader or manager, successfully managing projects is excelled by the four attributes:

4. Bringing out the best in others

The essential knowledge to lead a project involve from finance, sales and marketing to strategic planning. From mastering processes of production and purchases to the contracting services. It’s also worth knowing the labor laws, safety rules, environmental and social responsibility policies. That is, there are a number of roles to play and an entire team full of talents to bring out. There’s nothing more discouraging than feeling underutilized or, worse, unable, without skills or knowledge to follow the manager in his/her vision. The genuine leader, therefore, after guiding the workflow and assign roles, enables his/her team. He/She does it by inspiring with his/her own life experience, by making easier the communication within the team and also by improving their expertise, with lectures and courses, for example.


3. Admitting mistakes

That’s how you keep your integrity and recovers your credibility with the team, when managing projects. After all, without trust in the leader, there is no confidence in the project, and the commitment ends. When decisions do not go the way they should have come out, you owe an explanation. This is also within the social responsibility of project policy. Exercise your sincerity and admit you are sorry for your mistake. And find ways to compensate people whom you caused damage. You will gain. Remember: against generosity, there are no arguments.


2. Transparent communication

With companies becoming less hierarchical, the clever use of digital communication is crucial to the managing projects successfully. Create spaces for more informal discussion with your employees, where they can suggest changes in the project’s path even in the organization’s structure. Mastering the labor laws is not enough to take care of your team like a leader does. Organize your available time to know part of the lives of your employees, their problems, sorrows and dreams. Often, you will not have to solve anything personal – and you should not. However, when your employee sees that you are interested in it, respect grows and grows a lasting – and rare – relationship of sharing.


1. Leading by example

People follow you because you’re going to a somewhere they also want to arrive. When you keep them away, you incite a feeling of apprehension in the office. After all, what are the benefits of following your leadership? What would make an employee wants to be like you? Besides work and financial benefit, why should they follow you? Find these answers and you will understand much of what a leader is for you – and you will be able to follow your own feelings to become one.


Try to join your team to the fullest, keep them informed throughout the process and inspire them at managing projects as their own. Try it for free:


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