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Online Business Ideas to Increase Your Revenue

Your brick and mortar business may be doing well but there comes a point where you know you’ve peaked and finding new ways to increase your revenue seems impossible. There are many online business ideas that you can utilize that can supplement your business as well as help you advertise inexpensively. Many of these online business ideas are simple to create and maintain and won’t require that much extra training for your employees, or yourself.

1. There’s an app for that!

You can create a mobile application for your sales that appeals to the technologically advanced crowds of modern times. Figuring out how to create the app can be done with “how to” books or by hiring outside help, which won’t cost you very much if you keep your app simple. Your customers can buy online using their mobile phones, or download coupons, find information about your business, and stay updated about promotional events.

2. Social media for your business.

Everyone is constantly updating their social media pages and there are many outlets that can be used to put your name out there and inform your customers about who you are and why they should visit your place. This option is free and if you’re already well versed in running your personal pages, it won’t require any extra learning.

3. Online business ideas from employees and customers.

Create a suggestion box or a comments section on your social media sites for your business. Find out what the customers want and encourage your employees to get involved with increasing the revenue and making the place that they work even better. Your customers will feel important when you use one of their ideas, especially if you recognize them personally for it, and you may see improved morale among your employees by involving them in this minimal capacity.

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