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Online collaboration tools turn information into value

Information and distraction are two very, very different words. However, at work, with so many deadlines and costs on mind, we tend to find that information IS distraction. So, before I lose you, let me tell you that information is value. You need criteria. Your task scheduler would be more assertive if you knew what to do first – then you have to understand what’s the most important to meet the goal. Do you have this information? Better share them with your team, in an intuitive way. Online collaboration tools help you to prioritize what’s most important, by sharing confidential files, adding comments to the tasks and analyzing project performance as a whole. And do you know what else would you have?

1. Agility

How to calculate how much longer we need to complete this project? With online collaboration tools, “extra time” is relative, since the due date to deliver a project is automatically recalculated as the tasks are delivered or reprioritized. Therefore, the manager should check deadlines regularly but not be afraid. The entire project will be grounded on actual numbers to guide the manager to take the most plausible decision.

2. Control

All the files and comments related to the tasks may be stored on the cloud, making your access to the details of the progress and project reports faster and safer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the office or at home, whether it’s before or after work, you just login.

3. Clarity

“Discover’ is not the right word. Online collaboration tools make you easily know who’s working on each task after two or three clicks. Then, when tracking resources, if you must step in you will have more time and data to demonstrate your solution. Meanwhile, unfortunately, many managers still rely on notes on papers or barely remember having delegated something personally. And you’re not asking for much: just a worthy performance to a position of importance as this.

4. Cooperation

Managing tasks has nothing to do with a manager who imposes an iron fist over the team, you know. It is about working for reputable and collective achievements, shared from simple reading tips, masterclasses or events to confidential files, compliments and constructive comments. The result will be a gentler, enthusiastic and not just one, but a succession of good projects.

5. Comparison

Every conclusion is comparative. When all was said and done, you’ll see what has been achieved and, even more important, what was not. If you manage independent projects, you may see which one was the most efficient. Look back, where the other finished projects are, and compare if your team delivers a better or worse performance today.


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