Online manager

Online manager: Why is it better for your wallet?

Money often costs too much. Who said that was Ralph Waldo Emerson, great American poet and philosopher of the 19th century, graduated from Harvard. Have you ever considered that, for your business to bring money, you and your team might being spending more than you could? Now that you are confused, we won’t abandon you. Understand how an online manager helps save time and money for your company to be a success (again).

Find out how profitable your business is

How long would it take you to answer for sure if your company’s resources are spent on projects that brings an expressive income? Can you know if that customer is taking your team more time than it should? Are you sure he’s the greatest source of income of your company and, therefore, it makes sense to dedicate more to him? What about your team… They are capable but have problems to deal with so many e-mails and meetings, becoming less productive than they can be?

Keep calm. An online manager answers all these questions. The tool measures the time spent on each project, how much it costs, and documents everything in reports for managers. Reports ready to be used in presentations and support smarter decisions.

Inspire everybody’s commitment

Discovering how well your team works and measuring the return of that is great to build a profitable company. However, success will only last if the leader knows where to invest his/her own time as well. Do you know why? Travis Snider, expert in growth of small business, explains that most business owners work at least 2,500 hours per year. Then, he asks: “If the number of less critical tasks could be reduced by 25%, you would have more than 600 hours per year available for other purposes. What would you do with 600 hours?”

Using an online manager, it’s precisely this savings that you make by increasing your productivity. It’s the equivalent of going on vacation three months before and being able to do the same amount of work. Finally, you can have a less stressful routine, with bureaucratic tasks automated. You can focus on the strategies you’ve been putting off, or even guide your employees. Using an online manager, you prove that you have a great task and time management, i.e. you take care of the company’s wallet. You’ll become an inspiration for the team to be more committed to the future of your business. Try for free and see what I’m talking about:

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