Online manager

Online manager: How it improves your management skills

First of all, something to be sure about: an online manager is not a robot that will steal your job or make your role as an employee less relevant to the company you work for. Quite the contrary actually as an online manager is the favorite working tool of the 21st century managers. It may sound like a bold statement but you will agree that when you see what it can do to organize the workflows, sharing information, creating dialogue between teams and measurement of a project’s expenses:

1. Help your team be productive

You may be wondering: how will I make so many people be productive at once? It’s simpler than you might think. If your employees are left at random, each one dealing with their tasks, you should not expect a high performance from them. However, if all of your teams use the same tool to organize their to-do list, delegate tasks, set reminders and interact with the other professionals, then yes, you can expect a great performance. And that’s exactly what an online manager does. Everyone will have the same weapons to be productive and you will be the person who has provided them.

2. Track everybody’s work in real time

Great managers don’t cling to traditions. They prefer to get in tune with their team, to understand their need and adapt to them. And one of the greatest needs of the modern professional is to feel autonomy, that he doesn’t need to be watched to make a well-done work. With an online manager, company’s managers can check out which task every employee is working on and their estimated delivery date without even leaving their desk or interrupting anyone. This way, you improve transparency levels at the company and exercise your confidence in your team.

3. Facilitate dialogue and sharing

Successful managers are excellent communicators and know that distance is no obstacle for dialogue. And it’s for that reason that most rely on an online manager. With it, the email between team members and between teams is no longer needed, because all the demands, comments and files can be shared online within the tool. The intellectual capital is preserved and there’s no risk of misinformation. You, manager, will be bringing an alternative to something that afflicted generations of professionals: a crowded inbox.

4. Find out the projects costs

If you use Excel spreadsheets to calculate the costs of your company’s projects and, besides that, time invested in them is filled by hand in timesheets, you definitely deserve an online manager. Imagine if you could know how much the projects costed and how long they demanded until now, track their progress in real time, know their estimated due date, all with a few clicks. Now imagine the extra time you will have to think of new strategies and new ways to prove you are a great manager. Didn’t you know it was possible? Well, now you do thanks to your right arm, an online manager.

You don’t need to go out looking for the best online manager, meet With all the features you just saw, is used by more than 100,000 companies in over 100 countries worldwide. Try it for free:


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