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Online manager: Recognize your most productive employees

Could you tell what time you are the most productive at work? A survey led by Pipedrive measured peak performance of sales professionals in 8 countries. The results showed that the countries can be divided into three categories: 1) the most productive before lunch; 2) the most productive after lunch; and 3) the most productive at lunchtime. Do you fit in which case? Well, the fact is that, besides lunchtime, one of the factors that most influence the engagement of professionals is to recognize them when they are productive. And that’s why an online manager is a key solution in the management of a company: because it helps managers evaluate the individual performance of employees. Check out how it works:


Activity reports

What exactly each one is doing now? When you face this question next time, you won’t leave your desk. Just access the reports from your online manager. There you can check out the estimated time to complete each task, how much time has passed and if the deadline is close. In addition, an online manager also generates other information that tell managers their teams’ production. With all this in hand, the manager can compare the productivity of employees. Moreover, you might not expect, but the system itself rewards professionals as they work. The next item explains how:



One of the most honest and efficient ways to assess the productivity of a business is to measure the number of tasks completed in a certain period, especially the ones competed on time, how many tasks each employee was involved, and how many were reopened. However, you only can be aware of all that information if the company uses a tool, such as an online manager, that integrates all employees. Some tools create productivity indexes for each user, developing a healthy competition between employees. In fact, gamification is one of the nicest ways to recognize the hard work. With it, everyone in the company receives medals for work and interaction within the tool. After all, the manager doesn’t lose his/her role to recognize the most productive workers, but gets a good help in this task.


What about your company? How do you recognize the best examples?


(Bonus) Pipedrive tips to enhance your productivity

– If you take a break, do it like you mean it. You’ll be far more productive if you drop everything you’re doing for lunch time and relax completely.

– If you work in a place with a difficult sales environment, keep some hearty snacks ready. Fruits, nuts and wholemeal snacks will help you get through the day without a proper break, while keeping up your productivity.


Did you love the idea of using an online manager to measure productivity, correct weaknesses and reward the talents of your team? Meet, the task, time and performance management software able to raise the productivity of a company up to 25%. Have you considered that? Try it for free:


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