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Online manager: Why is it so important to know how to use one?

Have you noticed how every profession has its heart working tools? Planning for the professionals of an agency, for example, it is a prerequisite mastering PowerPoint for the success of your presentations. In addition, in the Media and Marketing department, who shines is Excel, while the creative designers and give a show in Photoshop and Illustrator. Similarly, every manager needs to be significantly more productive and make strategic attitudes must meet an online manager. Want to see how it makes sense? Continue reading.

1. You collaborate for real with your team

When your team does not receive guidance than do first, hard not to find rework and all that stress. The problem is to report to guide everyone all the time, after all, you’re not care, but a (a) manager (a) – pretty busy (a) tell by the way. Therefore, tools like an online manager took care of everything, keeping the task list each organized and the time invested in timed tasks. So, you get time to think in more strategic issues for the company and goes on to add to his career.

2. You find out what is workflow

One of the major demands of the 21st century is the professional autonomy to do their work without being spied upon. Considering this need, an online manager allows managers confer without leaving the table not stop anyone, the task in which every employee is working and your estimate of delivery. And with staff being productive, the rewards you can offer him is precisely that free time to take care of personal projects. Including you, Manager (a) can have this moment. Google is so, you know?

3. Establishes transparent and intelligent dialogue

Great managers tend to be great communicators, which means that they know that distance is no reason not to talk. What they do is to have a platform video calling, as Hangouts and Skype, for meetings, and an online manager to share tasks, comments and documents. The e-mail as a means of communication work is definitely a problem of the past generation. What this generation of professionals demand is a manager able to understand it. And we have a lot to gain by being that person.

I liked! But what online manager do I choose?

As Brazilians we are, it is important to stimulate national initiative. So we believe that the, the first and largest Brazilian online manager is a nifty option. Get free now. Currently adopted by more than 150,000 companies from 130 countries of the world, is complete without being complicated. In fact, it takes the hassle and organizes the routine of any company with multiple teams and customers, regardless of its size. Here you can watch the cases of some of our customers to see that we are not only we who are telling. Also, you can be sure that he can understand how the tool works, and not stay with doubt, thanks to our free courses.

Free courses

The offers several free courses designed to teach you everything you need to know to interact in the tool, making the most of its features, and being a productive person you both want. You can choose a dedicated course:

1) your professional profile (employee, manager, team leader or administrator);

2) the type of your company (agency or education companies); or yet

3) to a subject (focus on work and management teams and tasks).

Click here to access the list of all courses or go to the side menu of your and select “Courses”. Then you can prove your knowledge! See below:


Through the course you choose, you will leave playmaker in using the tool, then nothing better than being recognized (a) why. Access your, look for the yellow little star on the side menu and perform the certification exam. Want a hint? You can include in your LinkedIn competence “”. So, get on the right foot in the reality of web-based and still communicates to your network of contacts that is a more productive person and understanding the functioning of the contemporary work environment. Nice!

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