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Online manager: Who cares?

You and your group got lost and, after wandering all day, you found two ways. You heard about them. The first one is the easiest. Go ahead the way you want, as long as in a straight line. After a few ups and downs, you will reach the camp where the expedition began. Hopefully, there will be someone waiting for you. The second way requires discipline, because everyone must always walk together and aligned. It’s up to you to lead them. The landscape dazzles and the path will end where everyone is proposed to be: at the top of the mountain, to see the sunrise. This story illustrates the difference between who manages a company without technology and those who choose an online manager. Check out now what truly changes:

Without an online manager

Status of projects: If you are a manager, you depend on your employees to tell you what they are working on. After finding out, you to assume that, in a way, you already knew it. However, was that task the priority?
Intellectual capital: The e-mail box of your team is either full of demands made by everyone, or clean, but the data within the messages are disorganized. All that was agreed may be deleted or lost.
Profitability: It’s time to know how much the projects cost. Does the work done correspond to the budget work? Which area should cut expenses, which one needs investments? Googling it is not specific at all. Hiring an expert to understand your reality can get expensive and can only be a stopgap solution.

Several managers have chosen this way. You are free to do the same. The difference is that now you have enough information to take the opposite way. And if you choose to learn to use the data you and your team have, to create new possibilities for the future of your business, understand what you can gain:

With an online manager

Status of projects: More than knowing which task each one is working on, you can know the estimated delivery date of all projects of all your customers and the level of productivity of the teams. Did the priorities change? No problem: just change the order of the tasks listed. Don’t waste time with follow-up meetings, ok?
Intellectual capital: To work, the user clicks play on the task he/she is responsible for. The resources are automatically measured by the tool. When employees must be aware of what’s happening, they can become followers, and everything they share (from comments to files) is saved. You might be asking: no more e-mail? Yes, you are right.
Profitability: If your employees use the online manager properly while working, the entire workflow is organized and the data is preserved within the tool. “Some bureaucratic task will be up to me”, you think. Not at all. Even the reports of costs and time are produced by the system itself – with a few clicks. Making strategic decisions and using the data as you need couldn’t be simpler. And your chances of success couldn’t be closer.

If you have chosen the path of success with the online manager, be very welcome to The online manager able to increase the productivity of your team the equivalent of taking a vacation three months before with all the work done. Want to know how? Try it for free now:

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