Organizational culture: innovate or leave it?

An innovative idea worth more than a consolidated process? Why innovate if my product is the market leader? If these questions go through your head is because you are already bald to hear that innovation is a key survival of a company. Demanding customers, with the surfacing needs, do you believe will be swallowed (a) by competition only a matter of time. So check out our tips to transform the organizational culture of your business into a source of innovation:

1. Define the role of leadership

A survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group with approximately 1,600 executives from all branches and major markets in 2010 reveals that leadership, consisting in searching for CEO’s, presidents and chairperson’s, is the main force for the development of a culture of innovation.

Therefore, organizational culture and leadership complement each other. Leaders who want to create innovative companies must also possess skills, abilities and attitudes that support the needs of such a challenge. Cultural norms emerge and change because of where leaders focus their attention, how to react to crises, which are their role models and who they attract to their organizations. And then, the features and qualities of an organizational culture are taught by their leaders and eventually adopted by employees. So it is with innovation.

2. But after all, what is innovation?

There are several concepts of innovation, perhaps the simplest consider “innovation” how to implement a product, process or method new, or significantly improved. In the end, what matters is not settling into routine or processes seemingly safe not resist the time. Small innovations in day-to-day are as healthy as the great inventions. Try to implement, e.g.

a “bank of ideas” for employees, where they can freely cast their insights at any time, without censorship. When the seat is filled with ideas, the team must meet to make the reading and analysis of all suggestions in a big wheel. So do not relate innovation to spend thousands of reais.

 3. Witness and be the precursor of innovation

Much is said about innovative companies and their management models that enable the creation of new cycles of growth through products, services and management software and business models that leverage the results, redefine performance and add value to the company brand . But in fact adopt this model in your company can be a challenge, especially in a way that is not a bad experience for managers and employees who still believe in the myth that innovation is not always a good opportunity for business.

A smart step you can take to the organizational culture of your company is adopting a task management tool and teams in a department. The change takes time, patience and above all dedication. However, it demonstrates that you see beyond the obstacles, search the most modern solutions in the market, look forward and wants everyone moving in the same direction.

The online manager, as is the is the favorite working tool of the 21st century managers! And you will agree when you see how it is able to organize the workflow and facilitate the dialogue team. Check out how it works and free trial:


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