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Organizational culture: when and how we change it?

The reasons for leaders change an enterprise organizational culture are countless. Culture includes the organization values, norms, systems, beliefs and habits. Technologies or behavior changes, market competitor pressure, economic transformations, crisis, tensions… The reasons can be internal or external, you must be aware for the right moment to transform the existing culture because of them.

Inflexible system x Organic system

Some organizations will never change their organizational culture. Actually, they work through traditional and inflexible systems, and valorize authority and obedience. Therefore, the hierarchy is severe and centralized.

On the other hand, organic systems foster a complex and detailed view. These kind of organizations tend to be more open to changes in their organizational culture. They valorize the human relationships, based on trust, reponsibility and shared control.

To do list

Powerful changes should not be done quickly, brutally. These changes can’t fight to organizations values and habits. So, how can we do that? The transformations are natural, expected, or planned minutely. According to Paul Lawrence e Jay Lorsch’s model, from Harvard Business School, there are 4 steps:

  • Diagnosis;
  • Planning;
  • Implementation;
  • Evaluation.

All the elements have to be part of the transformation – people, structures and processes. They will study the new model, evaluate, criticize and recommend modifications. Thus, we believe the changes will be followed by support, not resistance.

We know it is hard to change old organizational cultures. In changing times, the most important is never forget about the organization principles if you need to develop the way a process is conducted. This is why we believe can help you to improve the quality of your daily tasks. It gives leaders more time to design strategic plans to update the organization management keeping its values. Try it for free!

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