People Management: How not to be the reason for a dismissal ?

It’s hard to any employee out of a job because of the general policy of the company or of its location. These things can cooperate for the output in the long run, but are not decisive. In most cases, the output is due to the bad relationship between the professional and their leader, and his style of people management. On the other hand, the good relationship between the leader and his collaborator makes them work together for many years on a continuous learning.

People often get confused about the type of relationship they should have with the team as a leader. The most common mistake is to choose between being loved friend or feared as boss. So, how to influence others in a positive, stimulating your productivity? Check basic tips for all managers to be respected and never the reason for any employee to abandon his team.

1. Be directed vision for success

To be a good leader, you need to win the admiration and respect. You must show that you have knowledge on specific issues. A good manager must be a “coach” who helps employees develop their skills.

2. Positively Approach

In the corporate world, employees often be evaluated more for its deficiencies than by his virtues. We need to reverse this way of managing people. Companies are organized around the ‘gaps’. The assessment is always to talk about what’s bad. The manager who wants to have a positive environment have to look at what your employees have to offer.

3. Build a productive team

The manager should not feel intimidated by the talent and diversity of opinions of his subordinates. Do not be afraid to have on staff people who know things you do not know. To have a strong team, we need to have people who think differently working together. In a small business this is even more important because it is the team that helps the business to grow.

4. Make a good people management

Many employees feel that they are often seen and treated as numbers. Great chefs, however, they see human beings above all. They know their employees and know the profile of each one. Thus, they can better delegate tasks, taking into account the passion, skills and abilities. This change in the head of the approach to employees will make everyone feel more at ease in their activities. After all, it is no wonder that we play better roles to accomplish activities that have affinity.

5. Learn to listen

The heads, in general, tend to talk more than listen. However, a good boss knows that your employees have a perspective of the workplace that he will ever see. Often they have gaps of knowledge on the system you may not be aware. To listen to your employees, you can improve the functionality and profitability of your business and thus avoid waste. Most companies have daily meetings between the heads – then try to involve its employees in these meetings. You may be surprised with your prospect.

You can also understand that exceptional leaders are those able to increase the productivity of your team. Simply recognize that bureaucratic tasks like sending emails, making follow-up meetings and fill out timesheets can be replaced by a management software. Learn how a management tool and free try the, adopted by more than 100,000 companies in the world:

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