People who like to work early in the morning are more productive. Meet their 12 most common habits.

A recent study published in the journal Emotion, from the American Psychological Association, shows that people with diurnal habits, especially morning, are happier and more productive than “night” ones.

There were over 700 people responding about their general health, their activities and preferences schedules. Experts believe the assumption that we live in a society that privileges a morning schedule. This is true, at least in the business world, and causes people to become better adapted to these times have more positive responses.

Have a look at the 12 habits that these people have in common:

  1. They are organized and usually have a list of tasks previously planned.
  2. Sleeps well.
  3. Generally agree without asking for more “5 minutes” to the alarm clock.
  4. They practice some form of exercise.
  5. They have a morning routine. For example: breakfast, read the news-paper, meditate, shower and work.
  6. Have a good breakfast.
  7. Arrive on time to the office.
  8. They talk often and give “status reports” to his bosses.
  9. Working with priorities. Generally, difficult things first.
  10. Avoid meetings in the morning. (since meetings promise to be a waste of time, leave for the afternoon where your brain is at a slower pace).
  11. Do not respond to emails or messages on social networks all day. Have an allocated time for that.
  12. Make a mid-morning short break. can help managers and employees to work where it really matters. Open a free account and get started.

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