Pople love trust!

If you are a team manager, do you know that you can create more value by doing less? At least that’s what thinks Professor J. Keith Murnighan, from Kellogg School of Management and author of the book: “Do nothing! How to stop OverManaging and Became a Great Leader. “

According to the professor, leaders are programmed to be proactive, want to dominate all lines of work and end up not trusting their subordinates as they should. He believes that people who receive attitudes of confidence from their managers end up extraordinarily motivated and want to “prove” that deserve such recognition. This makes the team deliver more.

In this article, for CNN, the teacher gives some tips to avoid excessive concentration of managers:

  1. Identify what each member of your team does best and allocate tasks requiring such specialties for them.
  2. Work as a facilitator for their team. Ask how you can help them to better perform the tasks.
  3. Trust people. Establish deliverables clearly and rely on delivery.
  4. Position yourself as a mini-CEO. Talk and give attention to your team members. This also makes them trust you.

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