Productivity: 5 companies that will surprise in 2015

I wrote this post to share with you five ideas that left me with bright eyes, now precisely now, in the end of the year, that almost no one feels truly motivated. But you will agree with me that once uninspired, no year will be new. So, I give you a hand! After finding so many cool companies, I decided to select 5 that combine innovation and productivity. Even having started a few time ago, they promise to shine in 2015. You’ll hear about them. More than that, you’ll see how it’s possible to have a job from fascinating ideas:



The startup brings together thousands of hostels and B&Bs from 96 different countries where you can exchange skills for accommodation. Just sign up and select what type of experience you want to live on your trip and classify the level of skills you have. You can collaborate in various activities, including reception, handyman, tour guide, party promotion and teaching languages, according to the host needs and the proficiency of the traveler in English and other language.


Blue Apron

Each week, the company delivers a box with a gourmet recipe and all ingredients fresh at user’s home. There are full meals 500-700 calories per serving that take on average 35 minutes to prepare. The ingredients are the season, from local suppliers, already portioned to save time and reduce waste. Finally, for your dish to be perfect, just follow the images in the recipe cards that complete the package. For now, only available in the US.



The company produces water from the humidity of the Amazon, by condensation and reverse osmosis process. For example, a tree 20 meters in diameter can produce 1,000 liters of water per day, by evapotranspiration, and there are virtually no environmental impacts. To prevent waste, the bottles are made of recyclable glass and the cap, made of bio plastics from cornstarch, decomposes rapidly and has a special compartment that houses plant seeds. All bottles even come with a code, which allows consumers to trace the location where their caps were planted.



An online service of express delivery that connects the sender to the courier by computer or smartphone. To call a courier, simply instruct all points of delivery route, indicate how to pick up and deliver the order, including the people and times. The service informs the total value of the transaction, the estimated time and distance to be traveled. It offers automatic payment made by credit card or bank.



There is still a big mystery about exactly what the company has to offer, but the promises are even bigger. We know, for now, that is about an augmented reality technology (some secret kind of glasses) that has received multimillion investment from Google. With a team of “gurus of artificial intelligence, software ninjas and computing hobbits” and a nontrivial signature, MagicLeap guarantees: “It’s time to bring magic back into the world”.


And your company? Will it surprise us in 2015? To not think about this anymore, try, the software to manage your projects, your customers and your team and increase by 25% the company’s productivity. Try if for free:


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