Productivity decreases 40-50% on the days of Brazil’s matches on World Cup 2014

How is the Brazilian productivity on a typical day? And how it changes at huge events like World Cup 2014? As a platform that fosters and increases companies’s  productivity, it is very important to to understand this relationship and to provide some topics to the discussion – which is critical to Brazilian economic and social development. On this way, we have created Productivity Index (RRPI), that measures the variation in the number of tasks delivered by users. Through it, you can check the level of activity of the companies that use in Brazil.

To release the RRPI, we are comparing Brazil’s match days with days with no matches. How much companies will decrease their production to celebrate World Cup? And what about if Brazil win, will they produce more, or less? That’s what we intend to find out. Check out the infographic below to know more about the decrease of productivity on the days of Brazil’s matches on World Cup 2014.

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