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5 productivity tips for you who work on social networks

Turn off your phone notifications or leave it in silent, face down on the table. Log out your Facebook and Twitter, and install that plug-in that limits your use on social networks. Well, those productivity tips may work for any professional, except one: the one who works precisely on social networks. If it’s you I’m talking about, here are five tips to help you be less likely to get distracted:

1. Admit your own excuses

You, more than anyone, always has an excuse to log on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat… It’s your job. No one can suppress you for it. You are there to take care of the profile of your customer, your brand, but not yours. Well, that’s the story you tell yourself. But let’s face it: you take that opportunity to check your notifications. No embarassment. On the contrary, now you admit the way you behave and you can hear what to do to change.

2. Save what you like to see later

The best and the worst of the Internet is that there is always something new to see, read and listen to. The solution for you to do everything and not miss anything is pretty simple. Use Pocket for saving articles, news, videos, whatever you find interesting but takes more than 30sec from your attention. Just click on the little button on the top, next to the address field. Later, when you are no more busy, just visit:

3. Schedule some time just for you

Take some time to enjoy your social networks. Perhaps the last half hour of your day is a good choice, because you will have done all your tasks and will not have anything pressing you to hurry up. You may even get impressed, because you’ll see that in less than half an hour, you can see everything you have lost during the day, without spoiling your productivity.

4. Let technology organize your tasks

Imagine an online tool that you keep open on a tab of your browser, where is all your to-do list. No more checking your emails, all demands are there, and when you will work on a task, just click on the play. does it for you. It can be extremely useful to make you more productive, because it estimates the delivery date of your tasks and measures the time you’ve invested in each one. So, you have full track of your pace and know if you need to hurry or if are on schedule. Try it for free.

5. Enjoy your last day of dependence

Because, starting tomorrow, you will promise to start a new life. Tonight when you get home, you will plan your week. At the end of each day, check out if the priorities have changed and if you have already completed the accumulated tasks. Done that? You can go and open your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and reset all your notifications. Or, go read a book, watch a movie, if you think that social networking is enough for today.


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