Profile of the Brazilian leaders

The cable TV channel Globonews, recently showed a great interview with the teacher Betania Tanure, from Catholical University of the State of Minas Gerais / Brazil, and the chairman of Andrade Gutierrez Group, Otavio Azevedo, on the challenges faced by leaders of Brazilian companies.

Betania conducted a survey of the 500 largest Brazilian companies and believes that Brazil faces a crisis on corporate management. According to her, although there are good leaders in the country, the lack of structured leadership prevents a greater qualitative leap. Octavio, in turn, believes that the high turnover of managers is the problem. There is no time for high performance, well motivated, teams to be formed.

The survey revealed that 75% of executives think they have “super powers” and end up performing a kind of autocratic management, ignoring the sincere collaboration of the followers, and this is a risk for long-term results.

In comparison with world leaders, Betania Tanure identified the three main pillars of leadership:
Power, Flexibility and Relationship. Brazilian leaders, like those of most Latin countries are authoritarian. Unlike the Canadian and northern European countries. In the relational axis, the Brazilians are very efficient. They build strong emotional relationships with their subordinates, unlike the American leaders, for example. In the field of flexibility, the Brazilians are also upper and adapt well to constant changes. However, it has a downside, which is the discipline and informality in management.

Watch the full interview of the journalist Ricardo Lessa: (in Portuguese)

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