Project management

Project management that looks like social network

Do you know why Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are so successful among completely different styles of people? Because they’ve allowed us to connect with our friends, co-workers and idols in an easy and quick way. Now imagine if the project management of your business could be done in such a clever platform. An online environment where we could share information and documents safely and orderly. If you like that idea, you may like even more to know that it already exists. See how it works:

1. Comments and attachments centralized

For you and your team to drive a project through without neglecting the organization, you should keep the dialogue open even when you can’t be all together. Therefore, such as a social network and better than e-mail, a nifty project management tool preserves all comments and attachments within the task to which they belong. Moreover, nothing can be deleted after a certain time, since what’s dealt in the workplace can be negotiated, but people can never say it was not dealt.

2. Wall for casual errands and events

Since nobody is a superman or bears only formalities, it couldn’t be otherwise at work. That’s why a good tool for project management also has a space where anyone can invite the team to go out to the bar, disco, to tell a personal or professional novelty, or to give some important message. All this in a place separate from the serious work, but still within the same tool.

3. Rewards and healthy competition

It wouldn’t be so good to have all this ease on interaction between staff and that practicality to organize projects if there was no reward. At that point, a project management tool like surpasses even the social networks that have inspired other software. With RR-Rating, the productivity index, everybody’s aware of how much they have worked in recent days and receive medals the more they work and interact in the tool. Besides, who does the same type of task can be compared, in a friendly contest, to see who reaches the highest score.

If the idea of being able to work much more connected and organized without relying on old processes pleases you, meet With it, more than all the features you saw above, managers have access to the costs of each project, its estimated date of delivery, and which task each one is working on – all in real time. Try it for free:

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