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Project Management: Why you want to do it online

Every project involves several tasks that need to be performed by a team, often with limited resources, to achieve the planned objective. It seems obvious, but we use to forget how complex is to deal with each part of this process. Meeting deadlines, anticipating ventures and creating a flow of information, there’s a lot of things to care to avoid conflicts. That’s why great project management depends on more than dedication and collective intelligence. It depends on a modern work methodology combined with technology. An online project management tool represents these and other benefits. Check out:


1. Low cost

You don’t need to install any software on your computer. Just access the online tool. The license for use is much cheaper compared to programs that need to be downloaded. In addition, you can start managing one or two teams with the tool, and then expand, as you have a positive return on your investment.


2. Support team

You will not have many questions, after all, online management tools have an interface very simple to use. Besides, online project management includes a support team ready to respond in real time all the questions users have.


3. Intuitive design

Those who have never used a project management software have no reason to worry. Side menu, self-explanatory icons, search field, easy access to user profile, main functions in evidence, everything is arranged on the screen in the way users are familiar with. By the way, the tool interface reminds a social network.


4. Continuous evolution

The community of professionals who use project management software has become more demanding and the tool they adopt must meet the expectations. Therefore, developers work hard to create new features that customers need, and never cease to study, in order to make the experience of managers, leaders and employees the nicest possible.


5. Repository of documents

Being able to access all files and comments once shared within the tool is a major reason for managers choose to manage projects online. All intellectual capital is saved in the cloud, preventing commitments to be forgotten and enabling remote work and search for data in the company’s history.


6. Transparent and agile management

Could you tell which task each of your team is working on right now? With a project management software, you could. Depending on the tool you choose, you can even view the delivery date of the task, which project and client it belongs, and even the team productivity index. All this transparency allows the manager to make smarter decisions, whether to identify and remedy the below average performance or reward the most productive professionals.


7. Automatic reports

Is it possible to know the real competitive advantage of your company when the results measurement is made by hand? To avoid that mistrust, the management software gathers all the data and automatically generates cost reports and timesheet. This way, you are able to know the stock of hours of your team and the difference between the actual efforts invested in the projects and the client’s investment. And that’s because all this that you will want to manage projects online.


Have you already made your decision and now just need a recommendation of which management tool use? Try, adopted by more than 100,000 companies in over 100 countries, responsible for increasing the productivity of teams around the world by up to 25%. Try it for free:

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