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Quality of work after World Cup: keep the energy

Has World Cup undermined your business productivity? Time to save the job! According to Runrun.it Productivity Index (RRPI, in Portuguese), performances in June were worst than in May and April in Brazil. Although, the enthusiasm for the Championship mustn’t end. Gretchen Rubin, on her best-seller “The Happiness Project”, presents the concept of “emotional contagion”, that is, people pick up and reproduce joy, sadness and angry of others. A happy employee can improve the mood of his/her colleagues, and end up necessary to the health of an engaged team.

A research of “iOpener – Institute for People and Performance”, affirms that happy workers reported spending 80% of their week on work related tasks, while less happy workers spend only 40% of their time on it. And which boss doesn’t want employees spending more time on work? Read now 5 tips to make your company a happier place thanks to the quality of work.

1. No prying

You wouldn’t like to have your boss looking over your shoulder every minute of every day to be sure you are productive. More than ever there is a large pool of self-starters: autodidact employees who work a whole lot better without a micromanager. Employees need to be given freedom to think for themselves. That’s what make them love what they produce, for they assume responsibility and feel worthy by recognized success.

2. Recognize good work

In order to avoid frustration and decrease anxiety, be aware of your employees temper. GenY (born in 80’s) starts to become one of the largest demographics in the workforce and they rely on constant recognition. Ensure that, as a manager, you always have something positive to say about your employees and their work, then, say.

3. Set goals

Focus on production goals or deadlines that have to be met, for example. If they meet them ahead of schedule, go out for happy hour on the company, extend their lunches, or if viable, let them take half a day. These simple rewards will revitalize your employees and give them more drive to produce the same results outside a rewards system.

4. Challenge your employees

Do you have a problem within your organization that needs to be fixed? Challenge a team to identify, evaluate, and come up with a solution, with new tasks that might be outside their job function. Making employees feel like they are a part of a bigger change will encourage them and keep the quality of their productivity up.

5. Flexible office hours

By setting office hours under rules too tough, you may encourage your employees to quit office without even a minute later. Instead of starting work necessarily at 8am, why not allow them to arrive until 9:30? Thus, workers will fulfill their tasks at their best time, when the quality of work is higher to them. Good to everyone.


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