Leadership and motivation

(Quiz) Leadership and motivation: How engaged is your team?

2014 is close to end and you and your team should be prepared for a new year, full of new goals and hope of progress. But first, to help you in this year performance evaluation and in 2015 Planning, we created this quiz. It does not take even 5 minutes and will show you, based on the honesty of your answers, how engaged your staff is. In short, the greater their engagement will be the better your leadership and motivation ability is. Understand if your employees enjoy what they do and are able to make the company grow, growing together:


If you do not understand why your leadership and motivation is not enough to improve the staff’s productivity, or even if you think you can make them more committed, meet Runrun.it. The software for managing teams and projects. With it, the manager can know what his/her team is working on and when the projects will be delivered. A single system to provide communication and sharing of knowledge and documents within the company. No more that stack of emails and boring follow-up meetings. And whenever you want to generate a report, a few clicks, and voila! Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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