Real Leaders have real lives

Working with executives from the multi-billion dollar retail chain TARGET, researcher Stew Friedman of Harvard University discovered simple practices used by the best leaders to better balance work, family, community and the ‘self’ (body, mind and soul) effectively. Here are some examples:

1) Choose the most important meeting the next day and talk to your partner (husband / wife) what will be your position and why. This makes the partner feel integrated and gives a whole new field for stimulating conversations and creativity for the couple. Decisions begin to flow with more quality and speed.

2) Make a Stakeholder mapping of your life, just as you would do for the company. Are you a high achiever in your work? Great, you can be in other areas as well. Set goals, devise a plan, ensure their implementation and improve other areas of your life using the same mindset that you learned so well to use at work.

3) Invent your own ‘experiment’ for life integration, put into practice with criticism and let your staff know the results and suggest and implement experiments in their personal lives. Lead by example, and see the motivation and productivity reach new heights.

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To learn more about the cited work, read the book “Total Leadership – Be a better leader, have a richer life” by Stewart D. Friedman Available at


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