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Recruitment process: how to interview applicants

In 2013, Manpower – a recruitment process consultancy – published a worrying study: Brazil faces the second largest shortage of manpower in the world, better only than Japan. Given this ‘podium’, it is valid to ask: Are the recruiters able to find the talents during an interview?
New employees are drivers of growing business. I write this article to make the recruitment process easier, by giving practical examples of how and what to ask. The intent is capturing the intelligence and expertise from applicants.

1. How to Ask

As the company evaluates the applicant, the applicant evaluates the company. More than an employee, he/she is also a prospective client, and, mainly, an individual who’s in a phase of transformation – of job role, incomes, and daily routine.

  • CV and Portfolio on hand

Be assertive. Factors such as address, time available and salary must be analyzed before the candidates move on to the interview stage. Don’t give false expectations or waste your time and the candidate’s.

On the day of the interview, have CV and portfolio around. So you can compare your expectations with the presented profile, no forgetting to question about each competence and experience.

  • Social Networks

Unless the job requires fan pages and branded profiles maintenance, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the most famous social networks especially among young people – shouldn’t be much considered in the recruitment process. The candidate doesn’t use these spaces with professional purposes – though you may do a pre-assessment of his/her profile about what he/she posts.

Likewise, never discriminate anyone who’s not on social networks. Good professionals not always feel comfortable with online life, which does not imply being antisocial.

  • Remote first interview

Because it’s more economic, an applied tactic is to conduct the first interview via Skype or Google Hangout. However, we recommend the second interview be vis-à-vis, with the company’s managers and the responsible for the vacant job. On this day, the applicant will express himself/herself publicly, in order to take the job.

  • Group dynamics

Everyone knows that a job interview can be quite frightening. Therefore, avoiding the group dynamics is supposed to help the candidate – unless it is essential for the profile of the vacant job. The candidate may solve the proposed challenge by the company at home, like online language and logical tests, and also by solving cases and writing.

2. What to ask

The interviewer should be aware that he/she is in front a puzzle. Sometimes a candidate gives a bad response, or gets an apparently insufficient performance. In this case, the more productive is to transform the space into a place of questioning, guidance, and sharing of experiences, from the recruiter to the applicant.

As the experiences and the way he/she learns was proved, let’s see which are the most interesting and valuable questions at an interview.

• What legacy do you want to leave for this company?
• Did you have the opportunity to lead a project? Tell us about it.
• How do you look for self-knowledge?
• Among your friends, what is your renown?
• What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t five years ago?
• Why did you choose this company and not a competitor?
• What was the hardest decision you’ve ever made in your life?

3. Who to choose

Are you unsure who to choose? Three questions can help you:

• “Would I buy a used car from this person?”
• “Would I bring this person to my day-to-day?”
• “If that person and me are inside the elevator on the 29th floor of a building and we go through a blackout. We are now confined in such a tiny space for two or three hours. In this stressful situation, would I be quiet next to this person until the rescue comes? Would that be a ‘hell’ after the first 5 minutes?”

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