Rest properly to have the best performance

Whole nights without sleep or resting just for a few hours. That is a fact wich is increasingly recurring. Well, you may think it is ok, once it is the only way it would be possible to get a better performance at work, and fulfill the deadlines, right?

Wrong! The truth is that everyone needs to sleep long enough to really rest. For many people, it is very hard, since the daily rhythm keeps getting faster. Besides that, a quality sleep is not yet a top-of-mind issue. When it comes to health, good nutrition and physical activity are much more discussed than the need to a proper rest.

An article published by Harvard Business Review highlights how important it is to sleep well, to obtain the best performance in all the day-to-day activities. The effects caused by fatigue, may be as or more harmful than those caused by the excess of alcohol in the blood.

Working for a longer period does not mean working better. There is a period of time, in which we achieve our best performance, but going through this limit, we lose the productivity and quality of work. The ideal is to know how to organize your tasks, so you can have time to do your activities beyond work, and rest properly. By doing so, you will avoid you productivity to be affected in the long term. is a tool that can make a lot easier to set the workflow of your business. Through a system of organization and prioritization of tasks, you can define in a clear and simple way, what are the most important activities for your company, making employees work on what really matters, and so achieve the best performance they can.

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best-performance-proper-restThe Harvard Business Review article is available here.


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