Retrospective 2017:’s releases

2017 was a highly productive year for us at! I hope our tool has helped your company on its path to maximum productivity as well =)

Working in conjunction with our development team (congratulations to the developers!), we have kept a record of all’s improvements, updates, and releases in 2017. If you missed anything, please contact us at to discuss the functionality in question. We hope and expect 2018 will be as productive as last year, or more so, for all our friends and clients!

Web Application:

  • Downloading Multiple Attachments
  • General Task Control
  • New page features for a project
  • Time Burnup Chart
  • Registered Hours Report
  • New Gantt Report
  • Advanced Filters
  • Report Review
  • Backlog
  • Team Backlog Preview
  • New daily task email
  • RR-Board®
  • Colors in task types
  • Time Tracking manual (outside the configured working day)
  • Return the task to the previous responsible
  • Amex Credit Card Support
  • New Comments
  • New selector of who opens task for whom


Android App:

  • New Task Wizard
  • Weekly Metrics
  • Dashboard
  • Backlog
  • Bulletin Update
  • Updating a Task Detail


iOS App:

  • Project Details
  • New Bulletin
  • New Task Detail
  • New project list screen
  • Backlog
  • Weekly Metrics
  • RR-Rating®


Unfamiliar with is a work management tool that helps you organize your team’s tasks and control their deliveries. Through Smart Time Tracking®, your team hits “Play” on the task they will be working on, without the need to manually fill out timesheets. This results in automatic timesheets that are included in powerful reports that track the amount of time invested per tasks and project, costs per customer, and measures your employees’ performance. Why not try it out here, there’s no obligation.

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