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RR Hacks: New Dashboard TV on Runrun.it

Good news on Runrun.it this week! We have just released the new design of “Team” with three different views: List, Blocks and, the most important, the Dashboard TV view. This sets Runrun.it on the top, together the most modern management technologies. The TV view has some rules, so today’s RR Hacks will be on this new feature. By clicking on the new icon, the system will display a screen ready for full HD resolution (1920 × 1080). It was made to run only in full HD TVs, it does not fit the size of the traditional computer screens.

dashboard tv runrun.it

The new Dashboard TV shows the team’s workload, compared to the average of the entire company. Besides, it also informs how many open tasks there are by team, how many are being worked on and what is the average RR-Rating of the team. It automatically shows all teams the user is able to see. So, if the user is Manager, he/she will see all the teams of the company. Whether Leader, only the teams he/she leads.

dashbaord tv runrun.it

The screen shows for each team member which task he/she is working on right now, when the task will be delivered (except “ongoing” tasks, which are marked with the infinity symbol), and for which Client and Project. If the user is on vacation, an icon will indicate this state. If he/she is not working, a “check” icon shows that he/she has delivered his/her last job and did not indicated the next one yet.

dashboard tv runrun.it

In order to managers to have an overview of the company’s production, there are some solutions to display this new Dashboard on a TV:

  • A computer that runs a modern browser such as Google Chrome;
  • A direct adapter such as Google Chromecast,
  • Or a plate as RaspberryPI, running Chromium, open source version of Google Chrome.

We do not recommend the native browser of Smart TVs because they don’t interpret modern Javascript code. If the edges of your Dashboard TV in your HD TV are strange, just change the Aspect Ratio (or just Ratio, depending on the TV’s brand) to “Just scan”. This sets the screen size as the standard 1920×1080 or 1080p, showing the entire screen without defect. If, even with the RR Hacks, you have questions on viewing the Dashboard TV, write to help[at]runrun.it.

Don’t you know Runrun.it yet? Sign up for free right now: http://runrun.it


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