O Runrun.it ajuda a Ampfy a trabalhar com mais impacto

Runrun.it helps Ampfy work with impact

Hearing from our clients that Runrun.it helps them to work with impact always makes us proud! That’s why these stories inspire us to always improve for helping our clients go even further. Working with more impact and achieving their full professional potential.

Digital agency Ampfy, specializes in getting brands and consumers closer together through digital platforms, is one of Runrun.it’s first clients. Their employees use the tool since two years ago, almost since the beggining of Runrun.it. Our software helped them organize their production process, measure their efforts and prioritize projects.

“When you sit down to negotiate with the client, that being before a project, during or even after, it’s very important to be able to show the effort made into the work. So, it was at utmost importance having a tool like Runrun.it to help guiding and dimensioning the effort for a project.”
Gabriel Borges, Ampfy’s founder and CEO

Today, Runrun.it is completely inserted into Ampfy’s culture, which made it into a verb: “give me a Runrun of this to me”, employee’s say when receiving a new demand from a colleague. Below, some functionalities of the tool which are essential to them among other benefits:

    • Invested hours report and management
    • Monitoring team efficiency
    • Invested efforts report for each project
    • Higher performance rates throughout the company
    • Fast planning for daily demands
    • Less relying to emails during project’s production

    The talk we had with Ampfy was just so nice that we’ve decided to record and highlight some moments.

    Watch the video below to see how it went 🙂

    And test Runrun.it for free now: http://runrun.it


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