android smartwatch runrunit is now available on the Android smartwatch!

Extra, extra read all about it! Now the application is available for the Andriod smartwatch. With this, you can check your first five tasks on the list, pause them and deliver them whenever you’d like, even when you are outside of the office. In addition to not losing track of time, you will also be able to keep track of productivity. See below how the watch app benefits managers and employees. Also, check out the new interface on the smartwatch.

The mobility of a smartwatch is even greater than that of the cell phone, since it’s tied to the wrist, and always visible. And because of this its no wonder that the new phase of wearables is only going to become more and more popular in the coming years. In addition to being a fashion accessory, a smart watch is ideal for checking notifications, answering incoming calls, sending messages, managing your music with minimal effort and now has gotten a professional utility.

By using the app for the smartwatch, employees can keep up with their priorities and report what they’re working on, or what they have already completed. With this data collected by the system, team leaders and managers will receive accurate information of how much time employees are devoting to each task and project, and thus make decisions with less hesitation.

Take a look at how the app for the smartwatch is displayed:

How do you use it?

To view your tasks (the first five), just scroll down on the screen. To play or pause a task swipe to the left. To deliver a task, swipe again.

Remember: Your smartwatch must be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth to access the application. This means that you need to be within 10 meters of your cell phone.

Relax. The application is automatically installed on your smartwatch from the moment you have it on your smartphone Click here to download the app!

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