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Task manager software: to save money

You work to make money and you lose some of it… working. Have you ever thought of that? It may seem weird, but have you have already noticed the time and health you lose when delegating tasks? When checking if everything is ok and on time, and still seeking for files and data either to send or to make your reports? All this time wasted until then could have been used to think of new strategies. In addition, depleted health not only demands remedies, but also encourages impulsive and harmful decisions. It’s, therefore, time to review your quality of life at the office. Understand how a business guided by a task manager software brings savings:

1. When creating demands for many people

I have been seeing bosses using the best of technology for the worst of their employees. Many still send piles of e-mails or, worse, SMS to delegate tasks. The briefing ends up getting lost or coming in half and the effect is a general distress.
Save: time and health, for a task manager software allows you to delegate tasks well described either for a single responsible, or for an automatic sequence of responsibles. If possible, you can add followers for such tasks, and they will be able to contribute by sending comments, links and even files. Another good practice is to use the tool to estimate delivery time and set a delivery date. Furthermore, depending on the software, if some task has a more rigid deadline, it can be scheduled. This way, at the time and date set, the system alerts the responsible to start working on it.


2. When tracking tasks in real time

Coming for a task to be delivered weakens a relationship between boss and employee that could be long lasting and reliable. And to make matters worse, there are the endless meetings…
Save: time, by tracking the evolution stage of each project in real time, monitoring its percentage already completed and how much time it still takes to finish it. A full view of the workflow, which will allow you to identify bottlenecks and adopt changes. Thus, you’ll be able to ask the right people for agility without convening several meetings a week just to try to understand all this.


3. When seeking for data in spreadsheets and reports

When the customer calls asking for fresh information, the chaos begins. The team is desperate to search folders, e-mails or spreadsheets that may not even be on the computer where they are looking for. Gone is the time, literally, when it was natural.
Save: the time of your customers and investors, by quickly accessing the online repository of all trades made in company’s history. And, because it’s a software, reports are produced at as soon as the manager needs. Here’s where you realize all the time and expenses you saved.


You don’t need more time to notice that your company can be living in the past and causing wastes perfectly solvable. Try Runrun.it, our task manager software, and see what a relief you’ll feel – in health and pocket. Try for free: http://runrun.it


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