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Managers complaining about being overloaded is something really common in the business world. But the truth is, a small number of them is actually willing to give up on some of their tasks. According to an article from  Harvard Business Review there are three main reasons that explain the difficulties in assigning tasks.

First, people often feel satisfaction when they are demanded to solve problems, and that makes them feel more important. There is also the difficulty of managers to admit that what they are doing has little or no value to the company. And, at last, people feel, somehow, attached to certain tasks.

The article lists three tactics to avoid that kind of problem:

1) Separate cost-reduction from work-reduction:

People will not willingly do things that will result in the loss of their jobs. You should have the right roles according to the amount of tasks relevant to your company.

2) Make work elimination a group activity:

Interact different sectors of the company. It will make pointing unnecessary or unproductive activities easier.

3) Insert a “sunset clause” in the charter of all new projects:

When starting a project, make it clear that it can be stopped according to the company’s needs. It will make this process natural. is a tool created with the purpose of making people reach their potential, working on what really matters for the company’s growth. The system helps the organization and prioritization of tasks in order to guarantee that the right work is being done at the right time.

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